Apr 19

Photographer Kai Wong examines 10 of the most popular photography tips and discusses whether they should be kept or killed.

Read more and check out his video here.

Apr 14

Hi there,

How would you continue this sentence? You know you’re a photographer when…

This article describes how Cole from Considerphotography would continue it.

Apr 11

Shooting from angles other than eye-level can make a huge difference to the perspective and the story you’re telling.

Check out this article for tips on how to go about it!

Apr 07

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Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of spring!

Make sure you’re on top of your spring time photography game with these useful tips!

Apr 02

“A great portrait exists not only through light and composition but also the emotional connection between the photographer and photographed”.

So how do you go about establishing that connection, when the person you’re photographing is a stranger?

This article has some tips!

Mar 31

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Do you have a furry friend?

Switch up your pet photography with these easy tips!

Mar 27

Going anywhere nice anytime soon? Then these tips for better travel photos might come in handy!

Do you have travel photography tips to share?

Mar 24

Do you know what the term reciprocity means when it comes to photography? It is the law of the relationship between shutter and aperture.

Learn more about it and how you could use the knowledge, in this aticle!

Mar 19

What is style? According to photographer Carlos Chaves, it’s the sum of all your choices. Check out his views on the topic in this article!

What is style in photography to you?

Mar 15

Hello there!

This great article, including a video tutorial, has 13 exercise tips for improving creativity as a photographer!

Do you have any tips to share?

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