May 15

“While it’s important to understand the elements of exposure, those techniques won’t guarantee an emotional connection with your subject.”

This article provides you some good tips on how to get the viewers to connect with your photos.

May 12

Lane Billings is a photographer and brain cancer survivor based in Boston. 

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, she had to go trough brain surgery. While still at the rehab center, she started with photography again, but she had to relearning everything, including how to frame and compose.

You can find out more about her story here, through which she hopes to inspire others, whatever their struggles might be.

May 10

Kids photography can be fun but challenging.

These tips, might make it a little easier 🙂

Do you have good tips of your own on the subject?

May 05

Lighting can take your photography to the next level, but the equipment can be expensive and something you don’t always have at hand.

Here are some creative light tips using things that are already in your home!

What are your tips?

May 01

Macro photos provide a lot of detail and these close-up shots also evoke a feeling of intimacy.

But how do you go about macro photography to get the best shots?  What camera settings are the best for it?

Find out in this article!

Apr 28

Hello there,

Photographer Martin U Waltz shares some of his best tips when it comes to street photography here. What are your best ones?

Apr 22

Keen to learn how to get the same lighting in your photography as in Game of Thrones?

Check out this tutorial

Apr 19

Photographer Kai Wong examines 10 of the most popular photography tips and discusses whether they should be kept or killed.

Read more and check out his video here.

Apr 14

Hi there,

How would you continue this sentence? You know you’re a photographer when…

This article describes how Cole from Considerphotography would continue it.

Apr 11

Shooting from angles other than eye-level can make a huge difference to the perspective and the story you’re telling.

Check out this article for tips on how to go about it!

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