Jan 30

Birds are beautiful creatures, and make for great motifs in photography.

It can, however, be quite difficult to capture great photos of them.

This article gives you some advice on how to go about it.

Jan 23

What do you think about the bokeh panorama technique?

It is also referred to as The Brenizer method, and used to create an image with a very shallow depth of field and a wide angle of view.

You can read more about the method’s shooting technique and post-processing in this article (including a video tutorial).

Jan 19

Hi there!

If you’re getting into landscape photography, and are looking for some simple but essential tips on how to go about it, then this article is for you.

Do you have other tips on long exposure landscape photography?

Jan 13

Despite of dark winter times, there’s nothing stopping you to get your camera out.

As you probably already know, photographing outside at night can result in some great photos.

Check out these tips for some good inspiration!

Jan 10

Hello there!

We hope you’re all having a nice Thursday!

If you’re into portrait photography, then some tips on how to use umbrellas in your shoot might come in handy.

Check out the 5 different tips in this article! What do you think?



Jan 05

Will 2019 be the year when you start a business around your photography?

Photographer Jeff Cable provides 15 tips for starting and maintaining a successful photography business in this article.





Dec 31

Hello everyone,

We hope you’re as excited for 2019 as we are, and that you’ll have a wonderful last day of the year today.

Don’t forget – today is not just the last day of 2018, it’s also the last day to enter our photo contest. Great prizes can be won, such as a digital SLR camera from Nikon or a 1-year Expono plus membership!

All you have to do to enter is to upload a photo you’ve taken to Expono.com and tag it with “fall contest 18”. Do it before midnight and you’re in the contest. Full details here.

Best of luck to you all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Dec 25

Merry Christmas dear blog readers! We hope you’re having a wonderful time with loved ones.

What better time to get the camera out, than during this holiday when everyone is gathered and there are lovely photo opportunities all around?

Portrait photographer Taya Ivanova shares her top 5 indoor Christmas photography tips in this article. Do you have more tips?



Dec 22

Within nature photography, trees are one of the most common subjects.

Alex Zorach has specialized in photographing trees.

In this article, he shares his advice on the subject.




Dec 17

Hello there!

Simon Bond is a specialist in creative photography techniques.

In this article, he teaches you how to split the light.

Using a prism in your photography can give you new possibilities and more creative photos.

Have you ever tried it?





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