Sep 23


Do you know what bracketing in photography is?

It cold help get you that ideal exposure.

Check out this article for more info!



Sep 20

Hello there!

Summer has unfortunately ended, but luckily another lovely season is upon us. And with the beginning of fall we also kick off a new photo contest!

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with fall contest 17.

Last day to enter is November 30 and first prize is the camera Canon D3300

Two people will also win a 1-year Expono Plus Membership!

Full details to be found here!


Sep 17

WE HAVE A WINNER! First prize in our summer photo contest, a digital SLR camera, goes to Ulrika Jörgensen! Congratulations, we have sent you a private email for delivery of your new camera.

The two 1-year plus memberships with Expono has both been won by Jonas Lingvärn who had the most views and the most favorite marks. Congrats to you as well! Your account will be upgraded automatically.

A big thanks for all the entries 🙂



Sep 10

Hello there,

Feel like freshening up your portrait photography with some new background ideas?

Then check out this article!

Do you have tips to share on the subject?






Sep 06

Hi there,

This funny video contains a list of things that really bug us photographers.

Do you agree that these are the things that are most likely to piss off a photographer?

1. Shoot with their camera without asking.
2. Say their pro camera is “plasticky”
3. Ask them silly questions
4. “Constructive” discussion
5. Question their choice of equipment
6. Touch their screens and lens glass
7. Say they have an easy life
8. Offer them exposure
9. Asking if a photo is Photoshopped
10. Compliment their camera
11. Asking if they really took the photos



Sep 03

Hi there,

If you’re fairly new to photography, and want to learn about crop factor there are some calculations that come in handy.

This read contains ‘the ultimate guide to crop factor’.



Aug 31

Hello there,

Today is the last day of our summer photo contest. You can win some really great prizes, so make sure to enter! How about a digital SLR camera, or a 1-year Expono Plus Membership?

All you have to do is to upload a photo you’ve taken at and tag it with summer contest 17.

The contest ends midnight. More info can be found here!


Aug 27

It’s getting close – only a few days left of our summer photo contest. If you haven’t entered yet, do so by Wednesday! Why? Because you can win a great digital SLR camera!

Among the prizes are also two 1-year plus memberships with Expono (check out all the benefits here).

How to enter the contest

1. Sign in at Expono (or sign up for free if you are not yet a member)

2. Upload your photos

3. Choose a photo and tag it with summer contest 17 (find out how to tag photos in Expono here)

Find out all about the contest and how to enter here!

Good luck everybody 😉


Aug 22

Hi there,

Never heard of the rule of thirds, or not quite sure what it is and how it can help you in your photography?

Check out this read!




Aug 19

The company COOPH has looked at current trends and research projects, and come up with 10 predictions about the future of photography.

Check out this article and video to find out what they are.

What are your own predictions?



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