Jul 01

What defines YOU when it comes to photography? What is your style that comes across in all your work?

If you feel you haven’t quite found your photographic style yet, there are some useful tips here.

Jun 27

Hi there!

Have you ever tried using mirrors to achieve different effects in your photography?

In this video tutorial, there are 6 tips on how to use mirrors when snapping pics!

Jun 24

 John McMurtrie is a music, stage, and tour photographer based in London.

In this excellent article at Petapixel.com, he shares his very best tips for shooting music concerts!

What are your best tips?

Jun 19

Are there any absolute musts when it comes to composition in photography? If so – what are they?

Lynford Morton shares what he believes to be the 7 musts of great composition in this article!

What do you think?

Jun 16

Andrew Goodall is a nature photographer who has some advice on shutter priority, aperture priority and manual mode.

Check them out here!

Jun 12

In an article at Petapixel.com, landscape photographer Christian Hoiberg shares some of his best, but not so common, tips. Hoiberg says:

“These tips aren’t going to instantly improve your photography, but they’re aimed at making you a better photographer. Take the time to learn and try them, and I think you’ll start seeing a difference in the near future”

Read the tips here!

Jun 09

Hello there,

Summer is finally here, and with it, the biggest travel period of the year.

If you’re planning some photography during your holiday, maybe consider bringing these travel photography not-to-do’s.

Do you agree with the tips on what to avoid?

Jun 05

Sports and action photography can be challenging. If you are just getting started, these tips might provide some good guidance.

Have you ever tried action photography?

Jun 02

According to professional photographer Renee Laurin, anyone can move from ‘snapshot’ type family photos, to distinctive family portraits by using a couple of simple techniques.

Check them out here!

May 30

What is a good photo? What do you photograph? What equipment do you need?

Do you also get these kinds of questions from friends and family taking an interest to photography? Or maybe you’re wondering yourself?

Amateur photographer Dmitri Popov shares his answers to these type of questions in this article.

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