Sep 21

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Do you know how you should set white balance, interval and focus when it comes to timelapse photography?

Photographer Jay P. Morgan shares 10 basics of timelapse and how to process them in this article, including a video tutorial.


Sep 16

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Have you ever heard of the Back Button Focusing?

This article explains what it is, and how to go about it.



Sep 12

Would you dare to get as close to a colossal tiger shark as award-winning wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs?

Read about his shark photography and found out what equipment is needed, what strategies he used and of course – check out the jaw dropping photos in this article.



Sep 05

Although we love to take pictures of our little ones, it’s not always an easy task.

Here are 10 great tips for photographing children!

Do you have other tips?



Aug 31

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s not only the last day of the month, today’s also the last chance to join our summer photo contest! To enter, all you have to do is upload a photo you’ve taken at and tag it with summer contest 18.

Enter for your chance to win the digital SLR camera NIKON D3400 or an Expono Plus Membership. Expono’s Plus Membership has a whole bunch of advantages, check them out here.

Read more on how to enter here.

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Aug 29

Photographer Robert Cornelius challenged himself to create portrait images without any traditional photography lights. Instead he relied solely on home lighting.

Check out the result of his challenge here!






Aug 24

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Photographing the moon can result in beautiful pictures. But what should you consider when photographing the moon? What’s the best advice when it comes to aspects such as position, aperture and sharpness?

Check out this article for some good moon photography tips!



Aug 20

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What’s your dream location for your photography? Travel photographer Marta Anna Løvberg went to breathtaking Lofoten archipelago in Norway.

The trip had her re-think travel photography a bit. Do we take our journeys to see what we have already seen so many times in images taken by other photographers? Do we wander so far to create the same picture we can buy on a postcard in a souvenir shop? 

Read about her trip and her insights in this article!





Aug 17

Using straight lines in a composition leads the eye of the viewer. It is a simple technique that helps to control the way the viewer sees your photo. It results in good composition and adds impact to a particular part of your photo.

Here you can find some advice on how to use leading lines in landscape photography.



Aug 13


Just a quick reminder of our summer photo contest. Don’t forget to enter your best photo for a chance to win a digital SLR camera from Nikon, or an Expono plus account for a full year!

Upload the photo you’ve taken at and tag it with summer contest 18.

Last day to enter is August 31. Full details here.

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