Dec 17

Hello there!

Simon Bond is a specialist in creative photography techniques.

In this article, he teaches you how to split the light.

Using a prism in your photography can give you new possibilities and more creative photos.

Have you ever tried it?





Dec 14

Hi there,

Usually, we give “how to” guides here on the blog, but today we’re sharing a “how not to” one.

In this article, some incidents are recorded on picture and camera, where people snapping pics haven’t respected large wild animals enough to keep the appropriate distance…





Dec 11

How do you best capture great and snowy winter pics? This article provides some guidance.

And don’t forget to enter our photo contest, where you can win a brand-new camera from Nikon! All you have to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken at and tag it with fall contest 18. Read more here!

Both fall and winter themes are welcome, and any other ones that just makes for great pics as well 🙂



Dec 07

Hi there,

Do you know how shutter speed impacts your photography?

If not, this Star Wars themed video tutorial will explain it, and give you some good tips along the way.



Dec 03

Hello there,

As many of you probably have heard, David Hockney’s painting Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) recently sold for $90.3 million, the highest auction price ever for a living artist. Not bad!

This article inspects the composition of the painting by applying the “rules” of photography, and investigates what photographers can learn from the painting.




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