Nov 13

Hi there,

Do you think there is a certian “photography humor”? If so, maybe this video qualifies for it.

It gives you 5 very creative camera tricks you can use, if you’re cheap.




Nov 09

Do you have the habit of critiquing your own photos?

One can argue, that it is the only way to improve as as a photographer.

This article contains a great photo critique checklist that can help you in the process!

Do you think anything is missing from the list?



Nov 05

Hi there,

How do you go about food photography? Have you ever tried it in a professional setting?

You can get some great tips and tricks on food photography in this article!




Nov 02

Hi there,

Do you know how to best take advantage of all the good photo opps this season?

Check out these tips for creating great fall images!

Might come in handy for our photo contest too – find out more about it here.




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