Aug 17

Using straight lines in a composition leads the eye of the viewer. It is a simple technique that helps to control the way the viewer sees your photo. It results in good composition and adds impact to a particular part of your photo.

Here you can find some advice on how to use leading lines in landscape photography.



Aug 13


Just a quick reminder of our summer photo contest. Don’t forget to enter your best photo for a chance to win a digital SLR camera from Nikon, or an Expono plus account for a full year!

Upload the photo you’ve taken at and tag it with summer contest 18.

Last day to enter is August 31. Full details here.

Good luck!


Aug 09

Photographer Anthony Epes stresses the importance of your own position when finding a good angle.

He shares all his best advices and talks about mistakes to avoid in this article.

What do you think?




Aug 04

The magic hour, also known as the golden hour — is the time of day when the sun is low and near the horizon, providing a warm glow – around dusk and dawn.

Many photographers think that this is the best time for shooting. Amongst them is Daphne Lefran, who shares her best magic hour photography tricks in this article!



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