Jun 29

Shadows may seem less important than light, but light would be nothing without shadows.

Do experiment with shadows in your photography?

This article advises on five uses of shadows in creating dynamic photos!



Jun 25

Summer is finally here, and so is also a new summer-themed photo contest! All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with summer contest 18.

Last day to enter is August 31 and first prize is the camera Nikon D3400. Two people will also win a 1-year Expono Plus Membership!

Full details to be found here!


Jun 23

Hi there,

As we’ve now entered the biggest wedding season of the year, some wedding photography tips might come in handy.

Photographer Vanessa Joy reveals in this article how she captures stellar shots of all the little details with a setup that takes next to no time at all.




Jun 20

Photographer Swee Shiong Chong claims there are 10 things successful photographers do before pressing the shutter.

Can you guess what they are? Find out here!

Do you agree?



Jun 17
First prize in our spring photo contest, the Nikon D3400 camera, goes to Susanne Andreasson! Congratulations, we have sent you a private email for delivery of your new camera.
Two 1-year plus memberships with Expono has been won as well. Both was won by Ellen Lindqvist who had the most views AND the most favorite marks. Congratulations to you as well, your account will be upgraded automatically.
Thanks for all the great entries everyone!
Jun 13

“By using a phone screen as a reflective surface, it is possible to cover up unsightly elements, add intrigue, and make an image that much more interesting”.

Read all about the simple, creative trick in this article.



Jun 09

According to photographer Andrew S Gibson, a standard lens is a great choice when it comes to street or travel photography.

Find out his reasons why in this article!

What do you think?



Jun 04


Are you curious what the future cameras will look like?

Maybe it will be in the lines of the new FITT360, a wearable 360° camera.

Find out more about this neckband-type camera here! What do you think, will you own one of these?



Jun 01

Hi there,

Do you enjoy black and white photography? As this article states, “as a photographer, black and white can allow you to discover a whole new character in a familiar subject”.

Have a look at the tips in the article, and please share with us tips of your own on the subject!



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