Mar 21

Ariel Leshinsky has made photographing swarm-like flocks of birds into an art. He captures moments when the random swarms look like recognizable things such as a seal or a cat.

Read more and check out some of his pictures here!



Mar 17

As a photographer, you are probably aware that there are many misconceptions about photography.

Photographer Cole Dunn shares 5 myths about photography in this article.

Do you agree with him, or have other myths to share?





Mar 13

The results are in – we’re happy to present the winners in our winter photo contest!

Mikhail Kapychka’s photo below took home first prize – a digital SLR camera from Nikon. Congratulations Mikhail! We have sent you a message for delivery of your new camera.

Tina Demarco’s entries had both the most views and the most favorite marks. Congratulations to you too Tina! 2 years free plus membership will be added to your account.

Thanks everyone for all the beautiful, funny and inspiring entries!




Mar 11

Hello there,

Are you skilled in the kitchen, and would like to show of your great culinary work with equally great pics?

This article contains tips on how to improve your food photography.



Mar 07

Meet Pau Buscató – a street photographer who captures playful moments in which subjects and scenes come together in curious ways for brief moments of time. Many of his pictures are illusions and therefore require more than a quick glance.

Check out some of his work in this article!



Mar 04

When it comes to photography, there are some skills more important than the others. In this article, what is said to be the top 10 qualities of a great photogapher are listed.

Do you agree with the list? What are your best qualities as a photographer?



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