Feb 28

Final reminder – it’s the final day of our winter photo contest!

You can win some really great prizes, so make sure to enter! How about a digital SLR camera, or a 1-year Expono Plus Membership?

All you have to do is to upload a photo you’ve taken at Expono.com and tag it with winter contest 18. The contest ends midnight.

More info can be found here!


Feb 25

It’s getting close – only a few days left of our winter photo contest. If you haven’t entered yet, make sure to do so by Wednesday! Why? Because you can win a great digital SLR camera!

Among the prizes are also two 1-year plus memberships with Expono (check out all the benefits here).

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken at Expono.com and tag it with winter contest 18. Find out all the details here!

Good luck 🙂


Feb 20

Hello there!

If you’re looking for some more understanding on depth of field, then this article is a good read.

It explains what it is and describes how, why and when to use it.

Do you have any tips relating to depth of field?



Feb 18

“Gorgeous glimpses into the aquatic world that’s normally out of sight”.

Check out the 2018 winners in the Underwater Photographer of the Year photo competition!



Feb 15


Have you thought about how, when it comes to portrait photography, conveying a story is essential?

The story needs to be captured for a good portrait photo, and this article will tell you how to go about adding this key ingredient.



Feb 10

Hello there, and happy Saturday!

Are you enjoying photography this snowy season, but looking for some tips on how to become even better at it?

This article contains winter photography tips, and talks about aspects such as what filter to use and how to deal with focus problems.

And if you do enjoy winter photography – don’t miss out on our winter photo contest! You can win a camera from Nikon or a 1-year Expono Plus membership. More info on how to enter here.




Feb 06

Hi there,

Are you a lover of both photography and animals?

Then check out these tips that might come in handy when you are snapping pics of your furry best friend!



Feb 04

Wildlife photographer Josiah Launstein has won multiple prestigious awards… and he’s only 13 years old!

He started with his photography at the age of 5, following in the footsteps of his father and sister, who are also wildlife photographers.

Find out more and check out his pics here!



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