Jan 21

Photographer Joseph Ford and knitter Nina Dodd have launched a project called Knitted Camouflage.

Ford shoots portraits of subjects wearing custom, carefully hand-knit sweaters by Dodd that blend them into very specific locations.

Find out more here! Pretty cool, right?







Jan 17

Hi there,

If you’re keen to learn more about street photography, then check out these eight tips to help you become more comfortable with it.

Do you have any street photography tips to share?







Jan 13

“A macro lens allows photographers to explore the details of miniature worlds that normally go unnoticed by the human eye, offering never-before-seen perspectives”.

Check out this article with expert tips on macro photography! Have you ever tried it?



Jan 10

Hello dear blog readers,

We hope that you’re enjoying the cold but beautiful winter weather! What better time then now to enter our winter photo contest? There are some awesome prizes to be won!

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken yourself at Expono.com and tag it with winter contest 18.

What you can win? A digital SLR camera from Nikon if your contribution is the jury’s favorite, or an Expono plus account for a full year if your photo gets the most favorite marks or the most views.

Find all the details here!



Jan 07

“Look for an aspect of a shot that others will have missed. A different angle, something incongruous that only you have noticed, a certain shadow…”

That’s some of the tips in an article about developing your eye for photography. Check it out here!



Jan 03


Are you curios what it takes to be an Antartic Expedition Photographer?

And what kind of gear they use?

Find out in this article!



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