Oct 30

Successful photographers know what they shouldn’t do as professional photographers.

This article below lists 10 things they will never do if they want to stay creative.



Oct 27


Hi there,

Did you know that there are many perks to an Expono Plus membership?

For instance, as a plus member you can allow your friends to download your pictures. This is useful for friends and family who wants to create their own albums and merge your photos with their own.

You can build as many groups of friends as you like when you’re a plus member. This way you will get a much better control of who can see your different albums or single photos.  Maybe you took a lot of photos in a wedding and you wouldn’t want other than the guests, and maybe some family members, to see. Then you could build a group just for that occasion.

And not to forget – there are no limits to storage of photos for the Plus members.

Upgrade to a plus membership today and discover all the benefits!



Oct 24

Hello there!

Are you yet to find your photographic style?

These 4 questions might help guide the way!

Do you have other tips on how to go about it?




Oct 22

Now you can automatically turn your black-and-white photos into color photos. With Adobe’s new technology called Scribbler, the colorization can be done with a single click.

In addition to photos, the system can also be used on drawings and sketches.

Find out more here!



Oct 17

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It’s a lovely season we’re in right now, and it sure offers some great photo opportunities.

Check out these tips that might improve your fall photography further!




Oct 14

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Just a little reminder not to miss out on the prizes in our fall photo contest! Enter to win a digital SLR camera from Nikon if your contribution is the jury’s favorite, or an Expono plus account for a full year if your photo gets the most favorite marks or the most views.

And – all you need to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken yourself at Expono.com and tag it with fall contest 17. Easy as that!

Find all the details here, and enter before November 30!

Nikon d3300

Oct 11

Hello there,

Do you know what a pancake lens is? And how it can be used?

If not – then here is a perfect little intro to pancake lens photography!



Oct 08

Portrait photographer Phillip Haumesser was tasked with taking photos of a horse.

A bit of a different challenge when you’re used to tasking photos of people, who can pose and might stand more still.

But check out the result here! Quite beautiful, don’t you think?



Oct 05

Hi there!

Are you curious of which lens brings out the best moment, and the best in the model, when it comes to portrait photography?

Check out this video to find out!



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