Dec 31

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish all you Expono users a wonderful New Year’s eve tonight, and a fabulous 2017!

As a little treat we’d like to give a tip on this humorous list over some of the best photoshop battles of the year.



Dec 29


Did you know that when using a long lens while shooting on a hot day, it can decrease the quality of your images?

Find out how heat can affect your lens and distort your photos in this article!


Dec 27

Hi there,

Are you hoping to improve some of your photo skills next year?

Then this list of 10 tips for landscape photography might come in handy.



Dec 25

Happy Holidays dear fans!

As Christmas is a time when family gathers, we wanted to share some great tips for family photo projects.

You can find it here!



Dec 20

Drone pilots capture some of the best aerial photography, including everything from nature and architecture, to unconventional portraits.

Check out this list over 20 of the most beautiful drone photos of 2016.



Dec 16

Christmas is right around the corner, and we hope you’re getting ready for wonderful times with loved ones.

As always during Holidays – have your camera ready to capture those special family moments!

Have you thought about how Christmas lights can be an opportunity to create beautiful, out of the ordinary images?

Check out some tips here!



Dec 14

“Vulnerability is the key to making any good art and should be a part of every photographer’s work flow”. At least if you believe award-winning National Geographic photographer Cory Richards.

Check out this article on how vulnerability can lead to better photos!



Dec 12

You haven’t missed the best photo contest of the winter right?! Join it to compete for some really nice prizes!

3 quick steps to enter:

1. Sign in at Expono (or sign up for free if you are not yet a member)

2. Upload your photo

3. Tag it with winter contest 16 (find out how to tag photos in Expono here)

First prize is the digital SLR camera Nikon D3300. Two people will also win a great Expono Plus Membership for a full year.

Submit your entry by February 28 2017. More info can be found here.


Nikon d3300

Dec 09

Hi there,

Are you out with your camera snapping pics of the beautiful winter landscape right now?

Here are some tips for inspiration and better results!



Dec 06

The world is ruled by squares and rectangles, but circles can also be a great way to frame a photo.

Check out these tips on circular photography!



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