Nov 30

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As most of us can agree, getting the right exposure in a photo is essential.

This article elaborates on the subject, and gives tips on how to do it right.





Nov 28

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Did you know that researchers may soon give us a digital camera battery that can be recharged in just seconds, and power our shots for days?

Find out more here!



Nov 24

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Hope you haven’t missed the opportunity to win a digital SLR camera or a 1 year Expono plus membership?! 🙂

Join our winter photo contest today!

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with winter contest 16.

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Nikon d3300

Nov 21

Most of us look for ways to stay creative in our photography. One way to do so, can be to find new angles to shoot from.

Check out this article for some inspiration!



Nov 19

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Travel and lifestyle photographer Allan Higa highlights the importance of telling a story in your photography.

He also shares advice on how to get your creativity and storytelling going.

Find out more in this article!



Nov 15

Patterns create images that are very pleasing to the eye, and can add a new dimension to your photos.

Check out this article for tips on how to work with patterns in photography!



Nov 13

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If you are to shoot professional portrait photos in ordinary environments, then this article might come in handy.

It gives useful tips on how to do it successfully.




Nov 11

Working with a camera without a strong light source can be a difficult task, but few things can be as beautiful as the night sky.

Photographer Gabriel Biderman shares his tips on how to succeed with night photography in this article.



Nov 08

Don’t we all wish to achieve impactful photos?

One tips to do so is to use leading lines with a strong light source.

It can help add depth and impact to your images.

Check out this article to find out how you can go about it.

Do you have other tips that leads to better photos?



Nov 06

Are you new to photography or just looking to touch up on the basics?

This article explains aperture and provides tips for using it to create better photographs.



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