Oct 05

“In my photos, I like to show the viewers the beauty of the environment where athletes perform. I think a great location is one of the key elements for a great action picture”. That was said by photographer Lorenz Holder, who’ve just won the Red Bull Illume Sports Photography Contest.

Check out his entry and other great action and adventure sports photography here! It’s some pretty amazing pics.



Oct 03

Photographer Ray Salisbury lists 13 habits that can ruin your photography. Check them out here!

We couldn’t agree more on bad habit number 3 – to not back up your photos. “I know a friend who fills up a memory card with images then buys another, fills that up, then buys another—a dangerous habit! He recently confessed he’s lost some of his precious photos. Personally, I have experienced the pain of having a hard drive fail, losing more than a year’s commercial photography work.”

At Expono, you can store your photos in a safe and convenient way. It is free for all users, but we also have a Plus membership with lots of great membership for those photographers who want a little bit more.



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