Sep 25

Hi there,

Are you aware that two of the great prizes in our photo contest ending September 30, is an Expono plus membership?

Expono has a 100% free version, but if you’re a serious photo lover with extra needs, there is another option. Upgrade to our plus membership, and get a ton of advantages!

For instance, as a plus member you can allow your friends to download your pictures. This is useful for friends and family who wants to create their own albums and merge your photos with their own.

Plus members can also edit their photos online. Some time you upload photos without bothering to edit. But with a Plus membership, it’s not too late to improve your photos with Pixlr. Everything online and all within Expono.

You can build as many groups of friends as you like when you’re a plus member. This way you will get a much better control of who can see your different albums or single photos.  Maybe you took a lot of photos in a wedding and you wouldn’t want other than the guests, and maybe some family members, to see. Then you could build a group just for that occasion.

As if this weren’t enough, there are no limits to storage of photos for the Plus members!

Don’t miss out – upgrade today 🙂



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