May 31

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Are you familiar with the technique of light painting in photography? It can be quite tricky to master.

Here are some advice on how to succeed!




May 28

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Are you familiar with panning? It is a technique performed through capturing an object in motion while moving the camera in parallel to the object. By moving the camera together with the object, the object remains sharp and the background becomes blurred.

Check out tips on panning from photographer Jim Richardson here!



May 25

Shutter speed can be a tricky thing to master unless you grasp the basic concepts.

This tutorial video explains the basics of shutter speed and gives tips on how to work with it.




May 22

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve been guilty of taking photos of my food, but I’ve stopped in recent years and here’s why you should too.”  Journalist Raymond Wong thinks it’s time to stop turning every eating time into a photo-shoot. Check out his article on the topic here!

Do you agree?

May 20

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By putting some simple steps to use, you can easily and instantly improve your photography.

Check out 6 tips in this article!



May 17

Do you know what tilt-shift lens is?

Tilt is the rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane, controlling the area of an image that appears sharp. Shift is the movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, allowing the position of the subject in frame to be changed without having to move the camera around.

Find out more about tilt-shift lens and how you can use it in this article!



May 14

Hi blog friends!

Our spring photo contest ends in one month’s time.

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken yourself at and tag it with spring contest 16.

What you can win? The digital SLR camera CANON EOS 1200D if your contribution is the jury’s favorite, or an Expono plus account for a full year if your photo gets the most favorite marks or the most views.

Enter before June 15, the winners will be announced the following week.

Find all the details here!


May 11

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This article at gives you tips on things you can to do in order to discover and create your own unique style as a photographer.



May 08

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Have you thought about how great nature photography opportunities can be found right in your own backyard?

This article gives you inspiration and advice!



May 03

We often dream of the most magical experiences, as well as photo opportunities, when going on a trip. But reality doesn’t always match expectations..

Check out this article on travel photography expectations vs. reality!


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