Apr 30

Hi there,

I recently gave some ideas and tips in regards to portrait photography, so today, I wanted to give some tips about quite the opposite.

In an article at Picturecorrect.com, photographer Dan Eitrem gives a review of landscape photography tips and techniques.

You can find it here!





Apr 27

Photographer Colin Aiken often feels that many pictures, especially those of people, can be dramatically improved by the application of just a few simple ideas.

Check out his advice for better portrait photography here!



Apr 24

Happy Sunday everyone!

Spring is starting to arrive and it opens up for some really great photo opportunities.

If you want some advice on spring photography, then check out this article!

Also, don’t forget to enter our spring contest – you can win a digital SLR camera or an Expono Plus Membership!

More info on the contest here!




Apr 21

Hello there!

Are you familiar with the shutter speed setting?

It helps you obtain the correct exposure, and determines the way that the camera records movement.

This article is all about shutter speed, and how you can use it to get more creative with your photography!



Apr 19

Hi there,

I came across this beautiful new photo series displaying childhood without technology.

You can find the photo series here! It gives some great inspiration 🙂


A_2BSincere_2Bplace_2Bof_2Bfreedom_2B_36_2Bof_2B41_ A_2BSincere_2Bplace_2Bof_2Bfreedom_2B_18_2Bof_2B41_


Apr 16


Are you fairly new to photography, or just looking to touch up on some basic but fundamental tips?

Then check out this article!




Apr 13

Are you familiar with Exposure Value?

It’s the term for the settings aperture, shutter speed, and ISO combined.

This article tells you all about it!



Apr 10

Hello there!

Have you entered our spring photo contest yet?

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo you’ve taken yourself at Expono.com and tag it with spring contest 16.

What you can win? The digital SLR camera CANON EOS 1200D if your contribution is the jury’s favorite, or an Expono plus account for a full year if your photo gets the most favorite marks or the most views.

Enter by June 15, the winners will be announced the following week.

Find all the details here!




Apr 06

Hi there,

In this article, photographer Dan Eitreim gives his advice on short and broad lighting in portrait photography.

He talks about the main portrait lighting patterns, and discuss how we can determine which light pattern to use.


broad-lighting (1)



Apr 03


The exposure triangle is nowadays made easy with the help of DSLR cameras that help you with the settings, but when you add a flash, things get a bit more hard.

This article contains advice on adjusting exposure for ambient light.



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