Jan 29

Hi there,

Check out these photographers who turned their snowmen into art!

Maybe spikes ideas for Expono’s winter photo contest? 🙂 Find out all about it here!



Jan 27


Texture is something that can sometimes easily be over-looked in photography.

But the fact is, using texture creatively can lead to eye-catching photos.

Check out these tips!



Jan 24

It warms our hearts in the wintery cold to see all the great entries in our photo contest <3

If you haven’t joined – make sure you do! You can win a digital SLR camera or a 1 year Plus membership with Expono!

Read more about the contest here!



Jan 21

Hi there,

In an article at Picturecorrect.com, photographer Mo Azam gives some advise that helps you suceed with close-up pictures!

Some of his tips are:

– Place your object somewhere near an open window so you get natural light with soft shadows. Notice how I said near, not at the window—half a meter to one meter should do it.

– Open the aperture as far as it will go. On my lens it’s f/1.8, but you should open it as far as it will go on yours.

– Have a reasonably fast shutter speed so you don’t get motion blur.

Check out the full article here!



Jan 13

Last week, we lifted the best drone photography from 2015. But what about the photos from under water?

Mashable has listed the best underwater photos from last year in this article.

Check it out, it’s pretty amazing!


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Jan 10

“If anything can help a viewer to feel a little bit of reality in a photograph, it’s depth. It’s the third dimension of a photograph and one of the key composition rules in photography.”

Have a look at this article! It gives some great insight to the photography essentials: depht or perspective.



Jan 08

Hi there,

I just came across something really cool and inspiring – a list of the best drone photography of 2015, from all over the world.

Check it out here!

Can’t wait to see what drone photography in 2016 will bring!





Jan 06

Hi there!

Do you have a new found love for photography, and want to go more professional?

Or maybe just touch up a bit on your basic skills?

Then check out these photography tips for beginners!


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Jan 03

Winter sure makes for some great photo opps – just check out all the great entries in our winter photo contest!

And hey, don’t forget to enter. You can win some really great prizes – a digital SLR camera or a 1-year Expono Plus membership.

Read more about the contest here!



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