Dec 31

Hello dear blog readers!

2016 is just hours away, and we just want to take the opportunity to say: a great big thanks to all our members for a wonderful year <3

Wishing you a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, and an extraordinary year coming up, full of great moments to catch with your camera!


Happy new year

Dec 29

What is photographic style and how do you establish your photographic style?

Find out, and get some great tips in this article!


Dec 27

Hi there,

Did you know that with an Expono Plus account, you also have an ideal commercial tool? You can display your products with the use of albums and tags. You can build contacts groups to diversify your marketing efforts.

But remember, you need a Plus account to use Expono for commercial purposes.

Find out more on our website!



Dec 24

Dear Expono blog readers,

We’re wishing you all a very merry Christmas, and hope you have a relaxing Holiday with loved ones!

Don’t forget to upload your Christmas photos at, and share them with family and friends.






Dec 20

With colleagues, with friends, with family – there are Christmas parties all over right now.

This article gives you some interesting tips and ideas for Christmas party photos!



Dec 17

Hi there!

Are you getting into the Holiday spirit? Christmas tree decorations are just around the corner, and here are 7 great tips on how to capture the result nicely.



Dec 14

Expono offer free membership, but if you’re a serious photo lover with extra needs, there is another option. Upgrade to our plus membership, and get a ton of advantages!

For instance, as a plus member you can allow your friends to download your pictures. This is useful for friends and family who wants to create their own albums and merge your photos with their own.

Plus members can also edit their photos online. Some time you upload photos without bothering to edit. But with a Plus membership, it’s not too late to improve your photos with Pixlr. Everything online and all within Expono.

You can build as many groups of friends as you like when you’re a plus member. This way you will get a much better control of who can see your different albums or single photos.  Maybe you took a lot of photos in a wedding and you wouldn’t want other than the guests, and maybe some family members, to see. Then you could build a group just for that occasion.

As if this weren’t enough, there are no limits to storage of photos for the Plus members!





Dec 12

Winter is here and we want to celebrate this with an inspiring photo contest, starting right now!

Have you taken a great winter photo, or think that you can take one? Then join our contest – there are really nice prizes to be won!

3 quick steps to enter:

1. Sign in at Expono (or sign up for free if you are not yet a member)

2. Upload your photo

3. Tag it with winter contest (find out how to tag photos in Expono here)

First prize is the digital SLR camera Canon EOS 1200D. Two people will also win a great Expono Plus Membership for a full year.

Submit your entry by February 29 2016.





Dec 06

We’re so happy over all the great entries in our fall photo contest, and it is fun to see that there are so many other photography lovers out there! So, WHO WON?

First prize, goes to Hunor Thurman. A big congrats! We’ve sent you a private message for delivery of your new camera 🙂

Second and third prize goes to Sandra Gauthier for most favorite marks and Tore Vefferstad for most views. You have won our great plus membership for a full year. Your accounts will be upgraded automatically within a week’s time.




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