May 28

Hi there,

There’s still a chance to win a digital camera or an Expono Plus Membership in this month’s photo contest!

Enter with a photo you’ve taken, Sunday at the latest.

Full instructions and rules are to be found here!

Good luck 🙂


Nikon Coolpix L29

May 25

Photoshop Curves is a powerful tools for brighten, darken, add contrast, or shift colors.

Many find it difficult to use though.

Check out this great tutorial from photographer Joshua Cripps – it can be easier than you think!



May 21

How do you get your photos extra sharp?

Advice around important factors such as shutter speed and aperture are to be found in this article!

What are your best advice?



May 19

How do you avoid your kids looking “posed” in photos?

And what type of photos capture different ages best?

Check out these tips for photographing children!




May 15

Hi there,

Many of you readers live at places around the globe where spring has just entered.

To celebrate, we thought we’d share some good spring photography tips!

Check them out here!



May 13

Hey there!

Did you know that besides from all other benefits, Expono Plus account is your ideal commercial tool? You can display your products with the use of albums and tags. You can build contacts groups to diversify your marketing efforts.

Read more about Expono features here!


May 11

Hello there!

Special effects in photography can sometimes result in more eye-catching and impressive photos.

Check these visual special effects out! Might be fun to try!




May 08

Hello dear blog readers!

In our last photo contest, the winning contribution was a really great portait. But it isn’t easy taking portrait photos.



If you too are into portrait photography, there are some articles with good tips to be found.

This article, for instance, gives outdoor photography advice.



And this article, 3 basic portrait photography settings.




May 06

Hi there,

Have you seen that has listed the 10 best compact cameras of 2015?

Number 1 is Panasonic LX100.

Check the 10 cameras out here!



May 04

Hey everyone!

It’s May and time for a new contest.

All you need to do to enter is upload a photo at Expono and tag it with contest may15.

Last day to enter is May 31 and first prize is the camera Nikon Coolpix L29.

Two people will also win a 1-year Expono Plus Membership!

Full details to be found here!


Nikon Coolpix L29

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