Jan 13

After some valid concern and input from you our fans, we’ve found it necessary to add some restrictive measures to the monthly photo competition. All photos submitted must now (including this month) contain EXIF Data to be a valid entry. This is to prevent Expono.com from selecting photos that do not originate from a camera in a contestant’s possession. It’s a way for us (and you) to secure a fair competition.

Therefore it is important to remember to select “enclose EXIF Data”, when you export your photo from a photo editing tool such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Aperture, Gimp and others.

Once uploaded, the photo needs to display EXIF Data in Expono.com and therefor it is equally important that users leave the setting “Hide EXIF Data” unchecked. This setting is found under Settings/Privacy TAB.

We hope this will reduce concerns that some contestants have expressed.

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EXIF DATA in Exponoe (2)

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