Sep 30

How can you stimulate that creativity when it comes to photography? How can you find inspiration to new photos?

These are questions answered in an article at It lists 9 great sources for photography inspiration.

Check it out here!





Sep 28

Hey blog readers,

Now there’s just a few more days to enter our photo contest!

All you need to do to enter is to upload a photo at and tag it with contest sep14.

You can win a camera from Nikon or an Expono Plus membership for a full year.

Here’s more info on Expono Plus Membership!

And here’s more info on the contest and its rules!

Good luck to everyone 🙂



Sep 25

Hello there,

Did you know that the sun-down doesn’t necessarily mean the end of photo opps.

Check out these advice for night landscape photography!




Sep 22

Hello blog readers!

We’ve written about the Bokeh Effect before here in our blog. It can be described as a soft effect in which the background of a photograph becomes like circles of blurred, translucent light.

The Bokeh Effect can be very nice to use when taking portrait photos of children.

Here are some great tips on how to do it right!


bokeh 1

bokeh 2

Sep 19

Did you know that Expono Plus Membership is your ideal commercial tool?

You can display your products with the use of albums and tags.

You can build contacts groups to diversify your marketing efforts.

But remember, you need a Plus account to use Expono for commercial purposes.



Sep 16

Looking for tips and hints to improve your photography skills?

There are some great ones here!

For instance, they focus on white balance and the best blend of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.




Sep 14

Nikon CoolPix S32 is a great little convenient camera with 13,2 megapixels, 3x optical zoom and 2.7 inch LCD screen.

It can also dive underwater down to 33 feet deep, handle drops from up to 5 feet high, and you can even take it in the snow when temperatures are as cold as 14°F—places many wouldn’t want to bring a smartphone.

The COOLPIX S32 will keep capturing outstanding high-resolution photos and Full HD 1080p videos with stereo sound.

And guess what – you can win it in our fun photo contest :)

Find out how to enter here!


nikon coolpix s32

Sep 11

Are you guilty of some of the most common photography mistakes?

Check out the most common ones  here.

And more importantly – how to avoid them!



Sep 09

Hello dear blog readers,

I just read an article at  about family photos and how to get your photos more personality-filled.

It gave 5 great tips.

Check them out here!




Sep 06

Hi there,

Have you heard of iPhoneOGRAPHY? It’s simply refers to smartphone photography.

Sometimes, all you have with you when a great photo opportunity appears is your phone.

Therefore, it might be good to practice your iPhoneography skills.

Here are some tips on how to get better at it!



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