Jul 30


It’s always nice to get photos with great focus.

I found a mini-guide with a holistic approach to photography, with the goal of good focus.

It contains 10 useful techniques.

Check them out here!



Jul 28

Thinking about taking the step towards becoming a professional photographer?

I found an article with some great advice on the subject. It brings up five tips revolving;  portfolio, brand, connections, marketing strategy and business plan.

You can read the article here!





Jul 24

What dog, Norway, wedding and beer have in common?

They’re all commonly used tags in Expono, tags which people use to categorize their photos.

By using the tag search function, you can see what type of photos in most often tagged and check out nice pics based on a theme you like.

Try the function out here!



Jul 21

“The difference between a photograph of a person and a portrait is the background”.

This, according to professional photographer Sam Zaydel who shares advice on how to get better at portrait photography.

Read his tips here!





Jul 21

Want a convenient camera to take on vacation?

You can win one from Canon in our Summer Photo Contest!

To enter – just upload a photo you’ve taken and tag it with contest summer14.

See all the entries here!


exp cont

Jul 15

Hi there 🙂

Summer’s here and with it a lot of opportunities for some great photography.

Here’s 3 tips for better summer pics!

A tip that I particularly like is – “think about what summer means to you, and strive to capture that in your images”.



Jul 13

Katerina Plotnikova is a photographer not using Photoshop to get people in pictures together with real wild animals.

Instead, she uses professional animals trainers, and it makes for some very amazing photos.

Check some of them out here!


real animals

Jul 10

One thing that our users with Plus Memberships appreciate the most is that there is no limit to storage for their photos. Plus Members can upload how many photos they want, how often as they like.

Another very appreciated feature is that Plus Members can edit their photos online. Sometimes you upload photos without bothering to edit. But with a Plus Membership, it’s quick and easy to improve your photos with our editing service provided by Pixlr. Everything online and all within Expono.

Here, you can find  more great things about our Plus Membership!



Jul 07

Guess what? It’s time for a summer photo contest 🙂

All you have to do is upload a photo you’ve taken at Expono.com and tag it with contest summer14.

You can win the camera Canon Powershot A3500 or an Expono Plus Membership!

Find out how to enter here!

The contest ends August 31.

Good luck everyone!



Jul 06

It’s time to announce the winners of June’s photo contest!

First prize goes to Tonje Martinsen! Congratulations 😀 We will contact you for delivery of your new camera.

Most favorite marks had Natalie Lorentzon’s photo and Jakob Snilsberg’s photo got the most views. You two win an Expono Plus Membership for a whole year – congratulations to you as well! Your accounts will be upgraded during next week.

It was really hard for the jury to only select one winner, as there were so many great photo entries. Thanks for all contributions and welcome to join our next contest! A new one will be presented tomorrow.



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