Jun 20

One of the advantages of upgrading to an Expono Plus Membership, is that you can build as many groups of friends as you like.

This way you will get a much better control of who can see your different albums or single photos.  Maybe you took a lot of photos in a wedding and you wouldn’t want other than the guests, and maybe some family members, to see.

Then you could build a group just for that occasion.



  • jasnils

    You bring forward some good features. I use the group feature a lot, because friends of friends are not by definition really friends. In my photo library there are photos of my friends and they are not necessarily friends of each other.

    In facebook and linkedin everything seems to be spun around how many connections you have and how great your reach is, but when it comes to private (non-professional) photos I would say that exactly opposite rules apply.

    You want to restrict access.

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