May 31

Hello Blog Readers!

Today’s the last day to enter our photo contest in May.

Enter now and compete for the popular digital camera Canon PowerShot A2600! Two people will also win an Expono Plus Membership 🙂

In order to win, all you have to do is upload a photo at and tag it with Contest May14.

There are many great contributions already and we are very excited to be able to crown a winner at the beginning of next week!

Find rules and more info on how to join here!


expono contest image

May 29

Hi there,

I found a great article on vintage cameras and vintage camera photographs.

It makes for a very interesting and nostalgic read!

Find the article here!


old camera oldcameras-1 Imperial Mark 27


May 26

There are some great pics in this month’s photo contest.

Check them out, mark your favorites or enter with your own photo!

You can win a camera or an Expono Plus Membership for a full year.

Read more here and find the entries here!

Saturday this week is the last day to enter. Good Luck 🙂


photo contest entries

May 23

Hi there,

I think that street photography is a creative form of photography that everyone should try.

It can look really cool when done right.

To learn how to do it best – check out these advice!



May 21

In order to get the most out of your photos, it’s great to know the basics in photo editing.

Here are 12 great editing tips that helps you further enhance your pics!



May 19

Hi there,

Summer’s finally getting close and many are plan their vacations. Do you have your camera ready?

Mashable has listed 9 tips for great vacation photos.

Find the list here!



May 16

Do you want the camera Canon PowerShot A2600 to be yours?

Upload your photo at Expono and tag it with contest may14 for your chance to win!

You can also win an Expono Plus Membership 🙂

You find more info and contest rules here!



May 13

In photography, timing can be everything.

Just check out these perfectly timed photos!


well timed photos

May 09

Hello dear blog readers!

I came across an interesting article at Mashable on drones used in sports photography. You can find it here.

In the photo below taken by a drone, you see Norway’s Aleksander Aurdal during the men’s ski slopestyle final at the 2014 Winter Olympics.



May 07

Hi there,

Did you ever try photographing the moon?

It’s harder than one might think and can easily end up overly dark or looking like the sun.

In this article there are some tips on how to get great photos of the moon!



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