Apr 30

Hi there,

I found this article that gives you great tips for better black and white photos.

For instance, you’ll get advice on texture, pattern, contrast and lighting.

What type of photos do you think are better in black and white as oppose to in color?



Apr 28


Today there’s just two more days to enter our photo contest of April…

It’s easy to enter and you can win some great prizes – find out how and what here!

Good Luck everyone 🙂



Apr 25

Hello there,

Are you curious of which photos Mashable crowned the 10 Greatest Selfie Photobombs of All Time?

You find the answer in this article!



Apr 23

Portrait shooting can include all ages – from newborns to seniors – and there’s much to keep in mind in order to get some great pics.

Experienced photographer Beth Jansen gives her tips for succeeding with portrait photography in this video!



Apr 21

As much as pet owners love snapping pics of their furry friends, as much dog loves riding in the car with their head out the window.

Just look at this photo series!

The combination makes for some funny photos or what do you think? 😉



Apr 18

Happy Easter dear blog readers!

Have a great one and don’t forget to take lots of photos together with loved ones to document your memories 🙂



Apr 16

Do you like panoramic photos? Then how about 360 degree photos?

The new Panono camera is able to deliver just that.

It’s a throwable ball-like device loaded with cameras on its outer surface and it snaps wraparound pics.

Read more about the invention here!







Apr 14

Would you like to win the digital camera HP C500 or an Expono Plus Membership?

Upload your photo at Expono and tag it with contest apr14 for your chance to win!

Click here for more info and rules!


hp c500

Apr 09

Want to know the story behind this amazing pic? I found it at the site Image deconstructed where you get to take part of interviews with photographers regarding their photos, the circumstances under which they were taken, and the technique that they’ve used.

You the site find the site here!



Apr 07

Do you know what the Bokeh effect is? It refers to blur or a blurry quality, and in photography it’s a very recognizable technique.

Bokeh tends to appear in the areas of an image that remain outside the focal region. Because of this the most common technique used to add it is a shallow depth of field created through a wide open aperture.

Read more about creating the Bokeh effect here!


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