Jan 29

Hi there,

Today I want to give you a tip regarding a great app named Feedly. It might be appreciated by you Expono users out there.

Feedly is an app available for iPhone and Android that lets you receive nice pics from family and friends at Expono, and/or see when new photos are being uploaded.

When using Feedly, you can for example type in www.expono.com/photocontest/favorites/ and then choose appropriate RSS by clicking +.

Expono support authorized RSS which means that people who are not allowed (by you) to see your photos cannot access them through the RSS either. In other words – it’s another convenient and safe way of sharing your pics.

By default Feedly shows the latest images uploaded and will always show you your unseen ones.

Read more about Feedly here!




Jan 27

At Expono we’re all about keeping photos safe. In fact, the safety aspect is one of our most appreciated features. With Expono you’re always in control of who can see your pics and unlike some other social networks, we would never use them for advertising purpose.

An organization that also think that the safety aspect is very important is Common Sense Media.  Their test below helps you reflect before publicly posting photos online.


common sense fotohantering

Jan 24

Today, there’s only one week left to enter our January photo contest!

Here are the submissions so far.

Think you can do better? Submit your photo and get the chance to win the Canon PowerShot A3500.

Two free Expono PLUS memberships with unlimited cloud photo storage will also be handed out. (Three Prizes in all: 1. Best photo – decision by a jury 2. Most favorited – absolute number 3. Most visited – absolute number)

Good Luck everyone 🙂


photo contest entry

Jan 22

Hi there,

Have you tried tilt-shift as a photographic effect when working with your pics?

At Mashable today the effect is being promoted and they use these 10 photos as successful examples.




Jan 20

Eventhough you might be a keen photographer who like to work with a more professional camera, sometimes you just have your smartphone at hand and it will just have to do.

That being said, the quality of today’s smartphone cameras is constantly improving and there’s tricks you can use to get the best possible photos while taking pics with your mobile.

Here’s 7 tips for better smartphone photography to check out!






Jan 15

If you didn’t get enough Christmas presents, there’s still a chance to get one more from Expono. In this month’s photo contest you can win a digital camera from Canon.

All you have to do is upload a photo you’ve taken to Expono and tag it with contest jan14. You can also encourage friends and family to mark your photo as “favorite” in Expono in order to  improve your chances of winning.

Read more about our photo contest here!


Jan 13

Hey there!

You haven’t missed that Expono offers a Plus Membership right? Our service is free for all members, but for those who want more, there is another option.

The Plus Membership gives you more control and more freedom for your photos. It’s a great choice for people with bigger needs, as it includes extras such as unlimited storage space and custom groups.

Visit our website today to find out more!



Jan 09

Most people know what a selfie is, but not everyone are great taking one.

Check out these selfie techniques!



Jan 07

Are you curios of which smartphones have provided the best pics 2013?

Find out the answer and read about the smartphone camera trends of the year in this article!


Expono bild 7 januari

Jan 03

A new photo contest starts today! All you need to do to enter is to upload a photo at Expono and tag it with contest jan14.

The contest ends January 31st and the prize is the camera Canon PowerShot A3500.

Read more here!


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