Oct 31

Hi there!

Today’s the last day to compete or vote in our Photo Contest of October. You find the contest here!

This Monday we will announce the winner of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 and start of a new contest. So stay tuned!

Here’s what you can win this month, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30:


Oct 30

A convenient function in Expono is our ‘Photo Stack’ feature. It lets you pick photos from any album or any user and put them in your stack. It gives you an opportunity to view them as if they were in the same album, and maybe more importantly – it makes it real easy to share photos from different albums.

For instance, maybe you want to gather photos from a special occasion and share them with family and friends. Just click the Photo Stack button at each photo and then click ‘share’ when you are finished selecting photos.

Another clever way to use the photo stack feature is to add photos to a stack in order to perform powerful batch editing.

Try our Photo Stack feature today!


photo stack

Oct 25

Snapping pictures of pets often lead to funny and adorable photos.

This article improves your chances of getting those golden photos of your furry little friend.

It’s a guide on how to be a better animal photographer with advice such as ‘capture your pets personality’, ‘catch them unaware’ and ‘be playful’.



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Oct 23

Hi there,

Have you voted for your favorite photo in our Facebook contest?

You can do so until October 31st, which is also the last day to upload a contribution of your own!

Find the contest here!



Oct 21

Hello blog readers!

Did you know that besides from storing and sharing your photos, you can also edit them in Expono?

If you choose a photo and then press “edit” or “enhance”, you will be able to use our clever editing tool, delivered by Pixlr.

Visit our website today to check out the function!


edit photo

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Oct 17


Today I found an article at picturecorrect.com on how to take better photos.

They give 5 great tips:

  1. Choose an interesting subject to photograph
  2. Pay attention to the light quality
  3. Compose your photograph carefully
  4. Check the exposure
  5. Reduce camera shake

Read more here!


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Oct 15

Hi there,

Today I want to tell you a bit about Expono’s group function.

Sometimes you want to share different kinds of photos with different contacts. Expono is all about making it easy to store and share your photos, and therefore we have attended to this need by offering custom groups.

Expono enables you to make access lists, so that you can easily create custom groups with access rights to photos and albums of your choice. In the address book, there’s a groups tab placed on the left of your contacts. Click a group to see members or add a new group.

If you want, you can also use our generic family, friends, and business groups, or the extremes private (only you) or public (any one).

This way, you are completely in charge of who can see your photos.

With a Plus Membership you can have many different groups, while with a free one, the number of groups is restricted.

Visit Expono to start creating groups now!


Custom Groups

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Oct 11

Hello there!

Have you checked out the prize in this month’s Photo Contest?

It’s the Lumix DMC-TZ30 – Panasonic’s premium travel-zoom compact camera that features:

– A 20x 24-480mm lens

– 14.1 megapixel high sensitivity MOS sensor

– 1080p Full HD movies at 50/60fps

– 3 inch touch-sensitive LCD screen

– Fast burst shooting at 10fps with continuous auto-focus

Enter our contest for your chance to win!

All you have to do is upload a photo you’ve taken, become a member for free at www.expono.com and get your friends to vote for your contribution.

Good luck 🙂


Oct 09

Hello blog readers,

Today I would like to give some photo tips related to child photography.

Every parent loves taking photos of their kids, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck on the same types of photos.

Here you find a great  guide on how to take better and more original photos of children!



Oct 07

Hi there,

Have you checked out our iPhone app yet?

With it you can watch photos from others, access your own albums, take photos, upload from your phone’s photo album, share pics with friends and more!

You find it here!



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