Jul 30

There’s still a chance to enter this month’s photo contest.

Upload a picture and you will be competing for a 1 year Plus Membership at Expono!

You enter here! Good luck:)

photo contest expono

Jul 25

Hi there!

I just found an article where 13 clichéd photo poses is listed.

Pretty funny:)

Do you recognize them?




Jul 23

Canon claims their new camera EOS 70D to be “a trailblazing powerhouse featuring a revolutionary autofocus technology that unlocks the potential of Live View”.

Take a closer look at the camera and its features here!








Jul 18

Are you going to the beach this summer?

I just came across some tips for taking great beach photos!

Read the tips here!




Jul 16

A few days ago Nokia released their 41-Megapixel smartphone Lumia 1020.

Now they’ve also revealed the first official image samples taken by the phone.

Check them out here!


Jul 11

Want to take better photos of your kids?

Take a look at this how-to-guide that gives you tips on how to better document a recital, game, birthday party or any other special occasion.



Jul 09

It’s not long until Google Glass will be avaliable on the market!

Now, Google has revealed that the glasses will have a 5-megapixel camera and 720p video. They also have the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away, 12GB of usable memory, and that the battery should last for about a day.

Find out more about the glasses here!


Google Glass   What It Does

Jul 05

Hi there!

The Photo of the Month Contest in July is now open:)

Welcome to compete at our Facebook Page!



Jul 03

Here’s the gadget that takes underwater photos and videos for you!

It’s an aquatic drone controlled through an app. Pretty cool, right?

Check it out here!



Jul 01

Here’s the Winner of our Photo of the Month Contest in June!

The contribution we’re one of the photos with the most votes and it won over the jury due to its artistic feel.

The winner named the contribution ‘Horror Show’, and we think it’s not hard to understand why:)

Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all the other contestants!

Winner of Photo Contest June 2013


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