May 23

Hi, today I want to tell you about the two features filter and sort in Expono.

Once you have uploaded photos and organized them in albums, you can use the filter and sort features. You can use them when you look at all pictures or when you have opened an album.

With the filter, you can sort out pictures with a rating or pictures with comments. You can use filter both for your own pictures and with other people’s pictures. If you stay in “all photos”, you can also sort out the pictures that are not in any albums (yet).

The sort feature helps you to organize your photos by upload date or photo taken date. Let’s say you want to show some newly uploaded photos to friends. Then you use the sort feature to show the photos in front of the album. Or if you visit your friend’s photos, you can find which photos he uploaded last, or his newest taken photos.

Try it out! Filter and Sort.

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