May 31

Today, it’s the last chance to take part in our Photo of the Month contest.

We’re excited to be announcing the winning photo next week.

Post your contribution or vote for the other pics in the contest here!


photo contest expono

May 28

Check out these simple tips for taking better photos!

Learn all about taking night-time photos, camera positioning, ‘Rule of Thirds’ and much more.

taking better photos

May 23

Hi, today I want to tell you about the two features filter and sort in Expono.

Once you have uploaded photos and organized them in albums, you can use the filter and sort features. You can use them when you look at all pictures or when you have opened an album.

With the filter, you can sort out pictures with a rating or pictures with comments. You can use filter both for your own pictures and with other people’s pictures. If you stay in “all photos”, you can also sort out the pictures that are not in any albums (yet).

The sort feature helps you to organize your photos by upload date or photo taken date. Let’s say you want to show some newly uploaded photos to friends. Then you use the sort feature to show the photos in front of the album. Or if you visit your friend’s photos, you can find which photos he uploaded last, or his newest taken photos.

Try it out! Filter and Sort.

May 21

Hi there,

Today I just want to remind you not to miss the chance to win a free plus account for a year at Expono!

Here’s some info on what you win, how you win and the rules of the contest:


How to enter the contest

1. Choose your a photo you have taken yourself. For instance it can be a funny, cute, beautiful or just amazing picture.

2. Click ‘Upload Photos’ and upload the photo of your choice.

3. Go to and become a member for free. It’s quick and easy. This account will be the account that will be updated to a plus account if you win.

How you win

A jury will choose the winner among the three photos that have gotten the most likes. The winner will be announced during the first week of the following month.

So remember – this contest is not just about uploading a photo you think the jury will fancy, but also about getting likes to improve your chances.

What you win

The great prize that you can win each month is a 1 year free plus-membership at Expono! Read more about the benefits of a plus account here.


The contest ends midnight of the last day every month.

To compete, all you have to do is to upload an image and become a member for free at

You can only upload one photo per monthly contest.

You have to have taken the photo yourself.

By participating you approve that we post the winning photo on the Expono blog and Facebook page (in order to announce the winner).

We reserve the right to remove offensive pictures from the contest, as well as blocking participants from the page if they are trying to upload offensive photos.

All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Join our photo contest today!

May 17

Olympus has a new flagship in its PEN line. It’s the E-P5 – a retro styled camera with advanced features and wi-fi which gives you the possibility to pair the camera with an accompanying app.

According to Olympus, it is also the first compact camera to with a mechanical shutter that can use a shutter speed of 1/8,000 of a second. Read more here!

What do you think of the E-P5?


Olympus pen

May 14

Hi there,

A few days ago we started off our monthly Photo Contest on Facebook.

Unfortunately we’ve had some technical difficulties with our contest app, but the problem’s now completely solved.

We apologies for any inconvenience.

Make your contribution to the contest here!

May 10

Now we’re starting our monthly contest ‘Photo of the Month’ at Facebook!

Compete by uploading a photo you have taken, that you think will win the jury and many likes!

What you win? A plus account at Expono for a whole year.

The contest starts today and ends March 31.

You can find out more and compete here!

Good luck:)



May 08

This Friday we’re starting of our new PHOTO OF THE MONTH CONTEST! It’s real easy to participate and you can win a free plus account for a whole year in Expono.

Some of the benefits of a plus account include unlimited storage space and the possibility to have up to 10 custom groups. You can read more about the benefits here!

So, how do you compete? Find out this Friday when we kick-start the contest on our Facebook page! Stay tuned..

photo contest expono

May 06

Have a vacation coming up? Don’t forget to take lots of photos that you can store and share through Expono!

Here are some great tips for taking better pics during your trip.



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