Apr 30


Today I want to give you some instructions on how to edit an album. I hope you find the information useful. Please post any comments or questions you might have here below, and we’ll get back to you.

Once you have sorted your photos in albums, you should tag and organize them. Expono makes it easy to work with your photos. The best feature to use is the batch editing of photos. It means that you collect photos you want to mark simultaneously.

The easiest way to do this is to open the album with one click, and then press edit photos. You can now see all photos in that album. You can choose similar photos by simply click on them.  Once you have chosen, you can:

  • Edit title and description
  • Add tags
  • Tag persons
  • Tag locations
  • Add to other albums
  • Make favorites
  • Set privacy
  • Change date
  • Set license
  • Set safety level


Be generous with tags. Once you have uploaded several hundred photos, you will make it much easier to find particular photos if you have tagged them properly. Same with persons.

Locations are supplied with many modern cameras, if not Expono will help you  with this.

Add to other albums is smart. A photo can belong both to  Trip to Italy, and to Family.

We recommend that you favorite your photos. This way you can admire your best photos without having to go through everything.

If you have scanned old negatives or prints you will need to put a date (and other tags) to them.  You will have great fun with digitalizing your old photos!

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