Apr 26

Hi there! Today I would like to give you a little how-to-guide on creating albums in Expono.

Expono lets you display your photos in many ways. An album view is just one of them. However if that is how you prefer to look at your photos, then here is how to do that.

New User
When you log in to Expono for the first time, you’ll have no photos of your own. So either you go looking at the photos of your family or friends or you get ready to upload some of your own.

Upload Process
Your first move to get some of your own photos to your Expono account is to click the Violet Upload Button on top of the page.

When you have clicked it, you’re presented with a link to click to select files you want to upload. Files include photos, screenshots, graphics etc. in these formats (.jpg, .png, .gif)

You’ll be able to select either a whole folder with content and/or single files/photos. In Mac you can also go directly into your default iPhoto library and choose events, albums, last imported, photos etc.

Before Starting the Upload, you can create a New Album or add these files to an existing Album. In addition you’ll be able to set Who can see these files/photos. Default is Private ( =nobody can see them).

If you don’t create a new album or choose an existing one, the uploaded files/photos will be visible in the “All Photos” TAB.

Either way: Press “Start Upload” (violet button). You’ll now see the estimated time and a progress bar.

When the upload is complete, press NEXT (violet button).

Place, TAG all, Descriptions, individual TAG
Entering a place for where the photos are shot, makes sense only if they are in fact shot in the same place. Also TAGs added in the dialogue are for all photos. You can add TAGs to the individual photos. You can also add a description for each photo.

Click ‘Save changes’.

Find Album
The album just uploaded will be the first in the list of Albums under the Albums TAB. All the Photos uploaded will also be shown under the TAB ‘All Photos’.

Create Album
If you didn’t create an album you can do that now. Click the ‘New Album’ link to the right in the ‘All Photos’ TAB.

Once you click that link, you’ll be taken to the same view as if you clicked ‘Edit Album’ from an existing Album.

Only, there will be an option to give the Album a name. And select who can view it.

Photos are easily dragged from the horizontal row downwards, either as single selected photos or by holding the ‘Shift-button’ several selected photos in a row. You can also select several photos not directly next to each other by holding the ‘ctrl-button’ (mac) and click the photos you want to add, or right-click (windows).

Once you have added all the photos you want, make sure to save the Album.

If you have any questions regarding creating albums or uploading photos, please write them in the comments below and I will answer them as soon as possible:)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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