Apr 23

The largest outage in the history of cloud computing took place 21st of April in one of Amazon’s largest and most cutting edge data centers located in N. Virgina. Hundreds of sites depending on Amazons cloud services have been affected. Popular sites such as Four Square, Quora, Reddit, About.me, Netflix, Giantbomb, etc have been unavailable or experienced service degradation.

Expono is still severely affected by this outage due to our infrastructure being 100% cloud based. It is important to know that your photos and data are safe! Critical parts of our infrastructure remain inaccessible, which means Expono.com will remain “offline” until the situation is resolved at Amazon.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience and we are monitoring the situation regularly so we can restore the site as soon as things have stabilized at Amazon.

UPDATE: 2011-04-24 18:23
Amazon have restored most of its services, but some EBS data volumes remain stuck and inaccessible. We simply cannot open Expono until our master data volume is accessible and synchronized. New estimate is that we are back online tomorrow. We know this is unacceptable, but we really cannot do anything until Amazon have restored full access to our volumes.

UPDATE: 2011-04-24 23:45
Expono.com is unavailable (503) while we are trying get back online. This might take a while (a couple of hours). Basically because, our actions are queued and that we prioritize data integrity.

UPDATE: 2011-04-25 03:28
Expono.com is back online. We’re really sorry about the downtime. We decided to take the slow route to recovery to make sure your photos and data were safe. We’re awaiting Amazon’s full report on what exactly happened to let you know how we can prevent events like this in the future.

Check our twitter feed for the latest updates.

Sites affected by the Amazon outage: http://ec2disabled.com/

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