Apr 19

Last week’s photo highlights are dark, gritty and atmospheric photos only to be “lit up” by a caricature by Magdiel Rivero. Help me find this week’s most interesting, beautiful, funny or artistic photos on Expono. Send your tips to Magnus and don’t forget to favorite, rate, or comment the photos you enjoy as I believe feedback is truly appreciated.

How does “views” work?
I’ve gotten quite a few questions about how views are calculated. The short answer: Views are unique. Bound to session id or user id. It’s not like Youtube where a “view” equals a page refresh and can be gamed. A “view” is also only counted for images viewed in medium size or larger. Views of thumbnails and small size of images are not counted.

by John Ruthenbeck © All rights reserved

The Secret Place
by James Mitchell © All rights reserved

by Heine Schjølberg © All rights reserved

by Magdiel Rivero © All rights reserved

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