Apr 08

Photo Highlights Every Week
We thought it would be fun to highlight a couple of photos every week. The idea is that you favorite photos you would like to see “highlighted” on the blog every week. From the global pool of public photo favorites we pick a couple and post them. Beautiful photos, interesting photos, photos that tell a story, funny photos, etc.. we really don’t have to set a limit here and now. If you got some ideas about this or photos that we need to highlight, send me a message on Expono.

Starting next week, we’ll post a couple of favorites from this week (April 5th – April 11th).

Photo Highlights – Recap
In the meanwhile enjoy these favorites!

by Trond Larsen © All rights reserved

by Roger Larsson © All rights reserved

Se hva jeg kan
by Henrik Jensen © All rights reserved (via NKK)

IMG_0068 (2).JPG
by Erik Zeiner Hansen © All rights reserved

by Jing Jing © All rights reserved

red light portrait
by Roberto Marinello © All rights reserved

by Eirik Urke © All rights reserved

  • I like this idea

  • Really liked this idea! I think we also should consider highlighting photos per continent or even country. Since Expono is available worldwide it would be great to have some localized content highlights…

    Would be great to have more people pitch in their ideas around visualizing user photos on the blog!

  • Well, I'm personally quite fond of using location as a way of looking at info (especially my own – it's interesting to see how I move around in a month etc). So if someone could come up with a way to explore photos in a new way that hasn't been done at Picasa, Google Maps, Paramino, Flickr etc it would be really fun.

  • Ideas about new ways to explore and browse photos are more then welcome.

    I'm working on a larger post about the great “re-design” of browsing so don't hesitate to brainstorm about it 🙂

  • Yes it would! The great thing is that this information is already there. Enhancing the Places tab with more historical data and even some kind of places I've been timeline 🙂

    Keep them ideas coming!

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