Mar 25

Animoto Video
Now you can create Animoto Videos from your albums on Expono. It’s both fun and easy!

If you have never tried Animoto before I urge you to check it out. It’s very simple and takes nearly no effort to create a video. The following test video was created in less than a minute.

Expono Aperture Plugin

Finally! Thanks to the effort by Martin Jonsson, you can now export photos from within Apple Aperture to Expono. I know many of you have asked for an Aperture Plugin and now it’s here. Martin has been kind to provide this for FREE. Download the Expono Aperture Plugin or check out the software page for more Expono plugins.

Linking or embedding a photo
It’s easy to link and embed a photo on your blog, forum or other sites. Just look for a link with the “Link to this photo” on your photo page.

Release Notes 2010-03-25 (v0.9.4-4xxx)

New Features:

  • Expono Gift Codes. It’s now possible to redeem Expono Gift Codes.
  • Added support to create Animoto slideshow/music videos from your photos. Check out the “Create Video” link on your albums.
  • Added Aperture Plugin to the software page.
  • Enhancements:

    • Improved embed code on the photo page. Added multiple sizes.
    • Info about the iPhoto and Aperture plugin is now displayed on the uploader page during upload.
    • Improved system announcements.


    • Fixed character encoding issues with IPTC keywords/caption parsing for images uploaded via the API.
    • Fixed photos appearing in random order when uploaded to an existing album via the API.
    • Fixed proper support for new lines in the photo description.
    • Fixed displayed bug in firefox on the photo page.
    • Fixed an issue where description wasn’t displayed correctly in detailed album view.
    • Fixed an issue where deleting photos doesnt update page in a single photo album.
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