Jan 14

We are starting off the year by adding two new languages to Expono: Swedish and Traditional Chinese. This update includes two important ground work features, such as the background task handler and improved statistics collection.

ChangeLog Expono v0.9.3-4450

New Features:

  • Swedish translation added. Thanks to 3rd!
  • Traditional Chinese translation added. Thanks to Dashuai and Jingjing!
  • Improved statistics collection. Photo views now stores referal links and sites linking in.
  • Background Task Handler. Important groundwork for features to come. Starting with service sync.


  • Album Edit Menu is now visible under ALL layouts.
  • Album privacy moved to the edit menu and visible under ALL layouts.
  • Unified the UI in Settings, Profile, Services for consistency.
  • Added background processing of contact updates. Can now handle updates of thousands. Speedier response.
  • Photo title in the detailed view is now easier to read.
  • Re-added features on frontpage to improve SEO.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed IE UI Bugs. Missing buttons in the tab menu.
  • Fixed comments notifications. It now works as intended.
  • Fixed so Add To Stack works in all available layouts.
  • Fixed so Slideshow works in all available layouts.
  • Fixed so “My Comments” displays all your comments.
  • Fixed bugs with contacts updates from third-party services.
  • Removed AddThis share button. It confuses users, and can cause buggy behaviour. Use
    standard share instead.
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