Nov 30

The last two months we have been hiding in a cave that we call “The Dev Cave”. This cave cuts off all external communication. We have to physically go outside to answer support requests, write blog posts etc. That is why it has been rather quiet on the blog. Some of you have probably seen an update or two on Twitter, but even more so on Getsatisfaction, our support home, where we try to be quite active.

Ok, so what has been going on? We have been building some great stuff! Here are some highlights:

  • 700M+ people around the globe can log right in. No signup necessary. We support Google Account, Windows Live ID, Facebook, Twitter among others.
  • Improved Sharing (we are not done here, but it’s still an improvement). People you share to can browse around better, download photos, and most importantly they can comment, rate, and favorite photos without having to signup at all!
  • Open Profiles. Everyone has a profile (not only users), featuring comments, favorites, photos of…
  • Twitter OAuth Support. We talked about it. Now it’s implemented.
  • New language: Simplified Chinese
  • Slightly improved user profile pages.
  • API Updates. Please, check the dev pages.
  • Security improvements.
  • General tweaks here and there (better album titles)
  • Bugfixes (date bug fixed)

Stay put for a more detailed blog post about what this “under the hood” update means for the future.

The Update / Server Downtime

We are going to have a rather big update on Tuesday. It’s been a while since last time. Last update was in mid September. This update requires server re-configuration which means that Expono will be down for a short period of time on Tuesday, login will also be disabled for a couple of hours while we run a few tests. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for you.

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We want to remind you that today is the last day you can purchase an Expono PLUS account with a 40% discount.

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