Aug 26

Unlimited storage, online image editor, improved geo-tagging, multiple layouts & browsing with focus on photos, BIGGER photos!

We are a company who believe in users’ rights to their own content. We believe we have a great service where our primary mission is to give as much power to the user as possible. We are competing with other services on features, but more importantly on our users’ rights to their own data, privacy, data portability and censorship (we don’t censor stuff like flickr). That is all good you say, but what about storage?

Today we are making Expono even better by introducing Unlimited Storage for all our Expono Plus users. Click here to learn more about Expono Plus.

This change is retroactive which means that our existing Expono Plus users will automatically be upgraded to unlimited storage. Expono Plus users who have purchased extra storage will have their account upgraded to unlimited bandwidth and their subscription extended to match the amount paid.

Online Image Editor

Edit your photos online

Edit your photos online

We also added support for one of the best online image editors available! Thanks to Pixlr, you now have a tool which is as close to Photoshop online as you can get, seamlessly integrated with Expono.

Bigger Photos

BIGGER photos and multiple layouts for your enjoyment

Multiple layouts for your enjoyment

Talking about BIGGER photos – we have introduced support for multiple layouts on photos and album browsing. We have added a couple on this release and more layouts will be released in future updates. We hope you will enjoy them.

Activity Feed Revamp

Improved layout on recent activities

Improved layout on recent activities

We have also improved the visualization of recent activities on your userpage. Including filtering options so you can distinguish on album activities, comments or newly uploaded photos. Not only that, we have also increased the photo sizes so you can enjoy them even more! We also changed your dashboard and introduced recent friend activities with even more filtering options. You can even drill it down to groups and if you wish, see all recent uploaded photos by only your family or your poker buddies – as long as you fall into their privacy settings that is…

Improved GEO Tagging

We have enhanced Geo-tagging of photos, including the option of custom naming locations and we have also added drag-pin support. So now you can really pinpoint exactly where you took that beautiful photo near your summerhouse.

Other important fixes:

  • Default colorspace for thumbnails changed to sRGB
  • PNG thumbnails filesize bug fixed.
  • Correct language is now supported on mail and notifications
  • Fixed rare bug on missing tags and wrong tag proportions in your tag cloud
  • External contacts from Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed are periodically synchronized so your addressbook stays fresh!

Oh! We have also added Norwegian (nynorsk) translation. Thanks to Bjørn Svindseth for all the help! We hope to have more and better translations soon…

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for more!

For more on the account options and features, see

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