Jul 17

Since Expono went on everybody lips this last two weeks we have received an enormous amount of feedback! And we really mean huge amount!
The great thing is that most feedback was overly positive. We are thrilled and really thankful for the support we are getting. It is great and we want to assure you that we will deliver on our promises and enhance our platform even more for your precious photos!

We are still in beta, but for us this is no excuse. We keep learning and adjusting the service to cater your needs and the beta stamp is just a reminder for you that everything is changing, improving and growing… and the best thing is that YOUR feedback is our driving factor. We will loose the beta stamp soon…. for now all our efforts and resources are focused on making a great service better, so keep on giving us your feedback.

So on to the good stuff. Here is a list of feedback and some answers addressing them:

– More and better integration with third-party services
Many people have asked for integration with a lot of services, and in integration we trust. That is why we are focusing a lot on our API these days. We encourage all of you to take a look at it and incorporate it on your own services. That is the best way to integrate! We have made our API pretty much like Flickr’s own API, making it easier for people who already support Flickr, support Expono.

We will also focus on making all our integration points more secure and use OAuth whenever possible. We actually implemented support for Twitter before they implemented OAuth support! But we will implement OAuth support soon. Until then, don’t be afraid of using our Twitter integration, it is a great way of sharing photos!

Facebook support have always been something we have struggled with. Mostly because they are so closed, because of their Terms of Use and that we couldn’t enforce your Expono privacy settings on Facebook. That is mainly the reason why we only allowed sharing of public photos to Facebook. But we are now improving the Facebook integration so you can share non-public photos on Facebook too. We will announce it as soon as we can!

– UI improvements & Browsing enhancements
We have been planing a big update soon with a lot of changes and improvements. We are enhancing the browsing of albums and photos, giving you better ways of viewing your photos. More view types, BIGGER photos and improved navigation. Take our word for it!

– Mobile version
We are heavy users of iPhone ourself, so you can guess what is on our wish list right? Yes, we want an iPhone app too! We have a lot of ideas on how it should be and how it should look. But we are focusing all our resources on creating a great API for now. We are sure that someone will use it to create not only a great iPhone app, but also useful uploaders and plugins for all your favorites apps and gadgets! A mobile version of the site is already on our todo list.

– Translations issues
We created Expono in english and then started translating it to different languages. Translation is a work-in-progress and we are improving the translation as we speak. We have a great translation crew working hard to provide Expono in YOUR language, and we will do our best to perfect it for our next releases. You are also more then welcome to help us out!

Oh, since some of you were wondering, the language files are open sourced. All translated strings are open to be used in any project. Check out how far we have come on translating Expono to your language on launchpad.net.

– Misunderstandings and Bugs
We discovered some bugs and we have been busy chasing and killing them, thanks to your feedback. We discovered that some of you did not understand how some of our functionality worked or simply didn’t find it on the site. This is something we are working on day and night, and we are improving the visibility and design to address those issues on our next releases. Be aware though that many features and advanced functionality seems hidden for a reason – because we didn’t want to clutter the interface with too many options. We will certainly try to find a balance there that works for everybody. We are also working on tutorials and better information and labeling.

You will find many good tips and how to’s on http://www.expono.com/tutorials/albums

See tutorials on expono.com/tutorials

See tutorials on expono.com/tutorials

– Basic vs Plus account
As we expected, nobody is ever satisfied with something that is not free or with limitations of any kind. Neither are we! But the reality here is that in order to ensure you that Expono is here for long time and that the platform can support a growing number of people and photos, we simply can not give it away for free. But as the saying goes, the customer is always right. With that in mind, we are addressing the limitations on our accounts to give you a better competitive offering. Expect the changes to be significant! The changes will be retroactive and apply to all of you who already purchased an account.

Thanks again for all the support! Keep on sharing…
The Expono Team

Special thanks to Eirik Solheim on NRKBeta, Ida Aalen on VG and Doug Coleman on ReadWriteWeb for the well written reviews!

Jul 08

We were delightfully surprised this week after a very positive article was posted on ReadWriteWeb by Doug Coleman. The article was very detailed and went through a lot of the features that uniquely positions Expono as a photo sharing site to look out for!

This article was quickly followed by articles in New York Times (based on RWW), Verdens Gang and IT Avisen in Norway. In addition many people spread the word virally via Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook.

Truth to be told, we got totally hammered this monday with inbound traffic from multiple websites. We have prepared for this stuff! But because we have been operating in “stealth” mode the last months we didn’t have all servers running. We didn’t have any before hand knowledge about any of the articles except the article posted by Verdens Gang (norwegian) which got published only a few hours after we received their initial phone call.

The good thing though, is that stuff got stress tested, and we’ve managed to make several performance improvements the last couple of days, and everything have been operating smooth in the last two days.

I would like to share some stats today. To get a sense of what’s happened in the last few weeks, and especially the last few days.

We got 223,514 unique identities added by users over the last couple of weeks. 41,764 were added yesterday. Not too shabby for a private beta site, that
only have been opened for a few days. We opened up the signup Saturday evening after we first read about the ReadWriteWeb story!

Well, what can I say.. there is no way going back now. We are OPEN and LIVE!
Come get your username while you can.

We will continue to remain in BETA until we reach a certain level of perfection. Help us build the BEST home for your photos in the world!

A big Thank You to everyone who has sent us feedback via email. We have received over a thousand emails the last couple of days with lots of suggestions and positive criticism. We are replying everyone as fast as we possible can. If you have suggestion or want to report bugs, please use getsatisfaction.com/expono. It will help us tremendously making the right priorities to respond to your questions, requests and ideas.

A few words about what we are working on:

  • Enhanced Photo Browsing.
  • Flickr Import (number one requested feature)
  • Share To Flickr (oh, yes, we want you to have the ability export to Flickr too. It’s your data! Not ours!)
  • Improving our API.
  • Expono Plus! We have a very competitive offering in the works. The changes will be retroactive and apply to all of you who already purchased an account. Stay tuned!

We have released a first public beta of the Expono API which let’s you or anyone else develop support for Expono on any platform. Help us build plugins to iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, iPhone, Android, or whatever app or platform you want. Let’s get started!

A big welcome from all of us from Expono!

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