Jun 24

Custom locationExpono users can now manually place and custom name locations for their photos. Simply drag the PIN and place it in the map where photos are taken, then give that location a name for easy access.

This is, for instance, great news for businesses attracting tourists.

Simply upload photos of your area and place the PIN.

Jun 18
Spanish translation of Expono

Spanish translation of Expono

Want expono in YOUR language? You can help us and yourself out by joining our Translation Team! Sharing is our mantra and that’s why we like to thank the team for collaborating and helping us reach out to so many all over the world. It is the likes of you that makes the internet a great place!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Here is the list of the top contributers: https://launchpad.net/expono/+topcontributors

Wanna join the team?

Qué es Expono?

Qué es Expono?

You will have access to the latest features before anyone else and a Plus account free of charge!

Translations guidelines:

Jun 06

With the launch of our Facebook Connect integration, we believe it will be easier to share photos and photo activities with your friends and family. First you will need to connect your Facebook account with your Expono account through Facebook’s very own Facebook Connect. Simply go to Facebook Settings on Edit Services menu, press the “Connect with Facebook” button and follow the instructions. It takes 10-30 seconds!

Connect with Facebook

After your accounts have been connected, you will be able to tag your Facebook friends on your photos like any other contacts you already have in your address book. With your Facebook friends now on Expono, you can add them to your contact groups, give them access to the photos you want them to see and tag them on your photos.

Expono photo activities on Facebook

Expono photo activities on Facebook

Sharing with your audience
Sharing is a big part of our lifes, and now it is even easier to share your photos and albums with the people you know. By connecting your Facebook account with Expono you can post stories to your wall when you favorite a photo, comment or tag a Facebook friend on Expono! Giving them access to view your full quality photos with just 1 click. You can also share individual albums and photos to Facebook right from the Share menu. This way you get more out of both services!

Sharing an album to Facebook

Sharing an album to Facebook

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