May 29
Sharing on Expono

Sharing on Expono

We have extended the integration with FriendFeed and Twitter on Expono to allow for more interaction and fun between the users of these services. Earlier we had automatic photo uploads announcements to Friendfeed and Twitter everytime you uploaded new photos to Expono. The functionality allowed our users to inform their followers and subscribers about newly uploaded photos in a innovative way. Now we have extended that to include direct sharing of public album and photos. Right from the Share menu. Giving your subscribers and followers access to view your full quality photos with just 1 click.

Album shared on FriendFeed

Album shared on FriendFeed

Face tagging
We also made it fun to tag your FriendFeed and Twitter friends on your photos. Just connect your Expono account with FriendFeed or Twitter and you will be able to tag your friends on your photos, add them to your contact groups and give them access to the photos you want them to see. Like any other contacts you already have in your address book!

Face tagging of Twitter friends

Face tagging of Twitter friends

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May 26

We are proud to announce a new type of account on Expono – Expono Plus – it’s everything you love about Expono, enhanced to give you more control and more freedom for your photos. We wanted to offer a solution for people with serious needs, giving them extras of everything we have to offer: more storage, more custom groups, extended monthly data transfer, bigger photo stack, premium support, guranteed ad-free service, better privacy controls and higher resolution photo feeds… And that is only the beginning! All our new coming features will be available for Plus accounts first – if not only… Here is a quick overview:

Plus Basic
Storage Space 10 GB or more 1 GB
Monthly Data Transfer 100 GB 10 GB
Custom Groups 10 1
Advanced Privacy Controls tick tick
GPS / Google Maps Location Tagging tick tick
People Tagging & Contacts Management tick tick
Stacks Plus (1000 photos) tick
Control Who Can Download Original Photos tick
Premium Support tick
Guaranteed Ad-Free tick
High Resolution Photo Feeds* tick
Expono Downloader App* tick
Detailed View Count & Statistics* tick
List More Features

Features marked with an asterisk (*) are currently in development with a planned release in Q3 2009.

Get up to 30% discount today…
There’s no need to invest in expensive backup solutions anymore. On Expono, your photos are safe as any physical storage device and accessible anywhere in the world, anytime. We even help you keep them organized and prevent you from storing duplicates. Your photos are always kept in their original format and size, unmodified. For a limited time only we are giving away up to 30% discount on extra storage for those with large photo collections. That’s a bargain!

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