Apr 13

If you, as do I, have a dozen TABs open in your web browser you may have noticed that the browser from time to time takes shorter or longer breaks.

This is really annoying, especially if you have no clue what may cause this.

Another slightly annoying task is finding back to the Safari window which actually has your web service running. If you use more than one space and have Safari windows in more than one space, it is not trivial to find the correct Safari window via the Cmnd+TAB shortcut.

Luckily there is a solution for those of you on Mac OS X 10.5, using Safari. Install Fluid and make site specific browsers for your most important sites and web services (expono, gmail, facebook, etc.).

Actually, there is a solution for those of us on Windows too, but it is not as straight forward unless you use Google’s WEB browser “Chrome”, which grants each open tab an independently running process. More about that here.

What is this, you may ask. Well, a SSB is basically a new instance of Safari for each web service you would like to use. And the benefit is just that if any of them crashes, the others remain live and kicking.

In addition you get to start each and every one of them, by themselves, without even having to start Safari. They’ll have their own application icon in Applications and will act as if they were applications. If you use Quicksilver, a must for serious mac users, you just enter the name of the SSB and it starts without messing with any live Safari session.

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