Mar 30

Our latest update has some goodies in store for you. We are now proud to say that the site is good enough for you to invite your friends to join the Expono community.

There are now two ways to invite people, one is the NEW direct invitation method where you simply enter an e-mail address and click the “Send Invitation” button.

You will find the “Invite your friends” field on the left side of the front page/dashboard.

The second method has been around for a while and it includes a sharing of albums or single photos.

Go into any of your albums or click a single photo, you’ll notice in the upper right corner a link called “Share”. Click share to invite your friends to see your album or photo.

The user, upon clicking a photo, will be asked to enter a username and fill in some information about him-/herself.

Another great feature enhancement is language support. Norwegian is now added as the first additional language to the site, but the framework allows for adding languages as soon as they are ready. If you want to help, please contact us at:

Expono has been supporting Media RSS for a while, but now we have made it even better and have included authentication to increase privacy controls. You’ll find the Media RSS authentication enabler in your settings; Me (arrow down)/Edit Settings.

If you have been wanting to add contacts directly into your address book, then we have some news for you. Rather than restricting you to importing from Plaxo, Outlook, gmail and the likes, you can now add contacts from within “My Contacts”.

We’ve have improved information about Expono and what we have to offer. In addition to our new frontpage you can read about our great range of Features and our News section, which contains press information, entries from the famous “Expono Blog” and our latest tweets!

Another cool addition is the NEW Chat feature. You can now chat with other Expono users over Meebo. You’ll find the link for that right next to “NEWS” at the bottom.

Did you ever wondered what your friends see, when you have sent them a share invitation? Well, just go into albums and click on the link “URL” in the upper right corner a link called next to “Share”. Now, you’ll see the NEW landing page for your albums and single photos.

Of course last, but not least, there are bug fixes in this new upgrade to make the site work as you would expect it to.

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