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Update #11 (2009-03-03)

Useful updates and bug-fixes contain static URL for embedded albums. Which we recommend everybody to update in their albums.

You’ll be happy to know that the character encoding is fixed, so that e-mail subjects now appear correctly.

The system now ignores people without valid e-mail addresses, so photos and albums are not shared to anyone without an e-mail address.

- Static URL fixed for embed-able albums. Please, update your album embed code!
- Fixed character encoding issues in email subjects.
- Shared Items are no longer created for people without a valid email address.
- Layout fixes on share header for Internet Explorer users.
- Settings privacy fixed between new users and users who invited them.
- Fixes issues with email being exposed to followers.
- Changing your primary email now only send alerts to mutual connections (no followers).
- Error while trying to create groups in "Add To Group" dialog has been fixed.
- Photo owners not being able to delete comments from other users. Fixed.
- Sorting by Photo Taken in the Album Editor has been fixed.
- Photo Activities are now forwarded to email by default.
- Announcements are now forwarded to email by default.

Update #10 (2009-02-06)

Updates and bug-fixes help expono products and services grow better, and a continuos feedback from our users is essential to make sure we keep the highest standards and cater to the needs of our users. Please make sure to use the feedback system, which black TAB, you can see on the right side of every page.

One thing is to send out invitations to friends and family and have them enjoy your photo albums safely here at, another and sometimes more useful ability is to publish your photos and albums in a blog or a web site where you already have followers and readers.

The new embed-able album code, found in your public album pages, enables your followers to see your albums and to start slideshows from within your blog or web site.

Find what you are looking for. Now searching public photos, photos of you, your own photos, albums, and favorites can now all be searched for in one unified search field.

A great new feature is the ability to show in a map where every one of your photos are geographically shot. Expono can make use of the GPS location stored in the photo’s EXIF data, if available, and expono also enables users to enter places manually.

If you have different groups of people who should see different albums, this is made easier for you to manage. In the address book, a groups tab is now placed on the left of your contacts. Click a group to see members or add a new group.

- New Feedback system. Join us at to make Expono a better place for you photos.
- Embeddable Album Photo Slide
- Simplified Uploader. Upload directly to albums
- Unified Search. You can now search your photos, album, favorites, photos of you, and all public photos on Expono.
- Unified Menu and Terminology.
- Introduces Places. A world map where you and your friens can browse photos based on location.
- Improved Create Album. Simplified UI.
- You can now create new groups directly from the sidebar in the addressbook

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