Mar 30

Our latest update has some goodies in store for you. We are now proud to say that the site is good enough for you to invite your friends to join the Expono community.

There are now two ways to invite people, one is the NEW direct invitation method where you simply enter an e-mail address and click the “Send Invitation” button.

You will find the “Invite your friends” field on the left side of the front page/dashboard.

The second method has been around for a while and it includes a sharing of albums or single photos.

Go into any of your albums or click a single photo, you’ll notice in the upper right corner a link called “Share”. Click share to invite your friends to see your album or photo.

The user, upon clicking a photo, will be asked to enter a username and fill in some information about him-/herself.

Another great feature enhancement is language support. Norwegian is now added as the first additional language to the site, but the framework allows for adding languages as soon as they are ready. If you want to help, please contact us at:

Expono has been supporting Media RSS for a while, but now we have made it even better and have included authentication to increase privacy controls. You’ll find the Media RSS authentication enabler in your settings; Me (arrow down)/Edit Settings.

If you have been wanting to add contacts directly into your address book, then we have some news for you. Rather than restricting you to importing from Plaxo, Outlook, gmail and the likes, you can now add contacts from within “My Contacts”.

We’ve have improved information about Expono and what we have to offer. In addition to our new frontpage you can read about our great range of Features and our News section, which contains press information, entries from the famous “Expono Blog” and our latest tweets!

Another cool addition is the NEW Chat feature. You can now chat with other Expono users over Meebo. You’ll find the link for that right next to “NEWS” at the bottom.

Did you ever wondered what your friends see, when you have sent them a share invitation? Well, just go into albums and click on the link “URL” in the upper right corner a link called next to “Share”. Now, you’ll see the NEW landing page for your albums and single photos.

Of course last, but not least, there are bug fixes in this new upgrade to make the site work as you would expect it to.

Mar 06

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to explain how we store and protect your precious photos using the latest technology innovations on the Internet.

Server Architecture

Expono’s server architecture and infrastructure is built on modern Internet virtualization technologies with focus on durability, reliability, scalability, affordability and security. This is called Cloud Computing*.

We have load balanced frontend servers handling all requests. These frontend server are currently located in United States and Ireland.
The frontend servers have the responsibility to forward requests to our auto-scalable array of web workers. The web workers handle each request with care and report their load to the frontend servers. In case a server has more than 51% load, it votes for growth. If the majority of the servers vote for growth, the frontend server array is incremented by booting up additional servers.

We are well prepared to handle a high load of requests, serving your photos to whom ever you allowed.
The whole production environment is automated, and I promise you that what we have is more reliable than the traditional way of having multiple hardware servers and a staff of 20 to keep em up’n’running. We have automated everything, and that keeps me from staying awake all nights. I can sleep and dream about new cool software features instead of worrying about the servers. It’s a good thing 🙂

*Cloud Computing – The majority of cloud computing infrastructure as of 2009 consists of reliable services delivered through data centers and built on servers with different levels of virtualization technologies. The services are accessible anywhere in the world, with The Cloud appearing as a single point of access for all the computing needs of consumers. read more

Storage Technology

Expono is using Amazon S3 as its main storage provider. Data is scattered across United States and Europe. The storage infrastructure is designed with durability, reliability, scalability and security in mind. Your photos are more safe using this storage technology than they would be on any external harddisk. This doesn’t mean Expono should be your sole storage solution for your photos, but a safe online alternative to what your already have.

We are however looking into developing an extra service, named “Safety Plus” aimed towards those who want that “extra” safety. This will be a paid for, extra service, per gigabyte. Safety Plus, will store photos by your choice in multiple locations on at least two different continents. If this sounds interesting to you, I suggest you raise your voice so we can prioritize accordingly.

Access Control & Privacy

Expono have powerful tools that lets you define who can access your photos. We have, what I believe, the best fine-grained photo privacy on the Internet.

You can not only control access to albums, but define access down to each individual photo. You can define who can see a photo, using your own custom groups, specific persons, or passwords. Our default privacy on photos is set to private, you can however define your own default upload privacy for photos in the settings menu.

Authentication & Security

The security of your photos are not safer than your password to your expono account. It is very important that you keep your password to yourself, and that it’s hard to guess.

Security is important to us, but we still have two important items on our todo list before we can be proud of having a slightly more secure solution than most of the other sites. First, SSL encryption on login (Yes, this is a de facto standard before one could even be considered secure in the first place. Changes in our cloud architecture, had us delay it during our beta period.) Second, account bound access control on file level, this is very rare, most sites don’t have this.

In the coming months I’ll keep you posted on our progress on this front, until then have fun and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. UPDATE: We now support 128-bit encryption during authentication, signup, and third-party access.

If you have any technology or security related questions, please feel free to contact me, send an inbox message to magnus.

Magnus Jonsson

Mar 04

Update #11 (2009-03-03)

Useful updates and bug-fixes contain static URL for embedded albums. Which we recommend everybody to update in their albums.

You’ll be happy to know that the character encoding is fixed, so that e-mail subjects now appear correctly.

The system now ignores people without valid e-mail addresses, so photos and albums are not shared to anyone without an e-mail address.

- Static URL fixed for embed-able albums. Please, update your album embed code!
- Fixed character encoding issues in email subjects.
- Shared Items are no longer created for people without a valid email address.
- Layout fixes on share header for Internet Explorer users.
- Settings privacy fixed between new users and users who invited them.
- Fixes issues with email being exposed to followers.
- Changing your primary email now only send alerts to mutual connections (no followers).
- Error while trying to create groups in "Add To Group" dialog has been fixed.
- Photo owners not being able to delete comments from other users. Fixed.
- Sorting by Photo Taken in the Album Editor has been fixed.
- Photo Activities are now forwarded to email by default.
- Announcements are now forwarded to email by default.

Update #10 (2009-02-06)

Updates and bug-fixes help expono products and services grow better, and a continuos feedback from our users is essential to make sure we keep the highest standards and cater to the needs of our users. Please make sure to use the feedback system, which black TAB, you can see on the right side of every page.

One thing is to send out invitations to friends and family and have them enjoy your photo albums safely here at, another and sometimes more useful ability is to publish your photos and albums in a blog or a web site where you already have followers and readers.

The new embed-able album code, found in your public album pages, enables your followers to see your albums and to start slideshows from within your blog or web site.

Find what you are looking for. Now searching public photos, photos of you, your own photos, albums, and favorites can now all be searched for in one unified search field.

A great new feature is the ability to show in a map where every one of your photos are geographically shot. Expono can make use of the GPS location stored in the photo’s EXIF data, if available, and expono also enables users to enter places manually.

If you have different groups of people who should see different albums, this is made easier for you to manage. In the address book, a groups tab is now placed on the left of your contacts. Click a group to see members or add a new group.

- New Feedback system. Join us at to make Expono a better place for you photos.
- Embeddable Album Photo Slide
- Simplified Uploader. Upload directly to albums
- Unified Search. You can now search your photos, album, favorites, photos of you, and all public photos on Expono.
- Unified Menu and Terminology.
- Introduces Places. A world map where you and your friens can browse photos based on location.
- Improved Create Album. Simplified UI.
- You can now create new groups directly from the sidebar in the addressbook

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