Feb 06

I’ll probably mention this more often than not, and that is because I think it is important.

“We want you to become confident and very comfortable with us.
That’s why we have had you in focus, while building expono.com”

This doesn’t mean we’re going all altruistic on you. Because by you, we really mean all of us. We want to be able to manage all our photos in one place.

By introducing the feedback system, we offer you to be part of us and include you in making this site great.

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I started off focusing on you because you are the one with photos, family and friends. And a question on my mind is, how important is it for us to get all of your friends over to expono.com to see your photos?

Oh well, the answer is simple. Yes, it is important to us

  • if you want to have full control over who sees your photos, and
  • if your friends have photos themselves.

But since the web is filled up with sharing and caring sites, where anybody and nobody can be friends, we thought some of our users would like to share their public photos off site.

That’s why we built an embedding tool.
Now anyone with a blog or web site can embed their own public expono.com photo albums.

It’s quite simple really, you just open an album you would like to embed in your blog, and click the embed link on the tool bar above your album photos. You’ll see two fields popping up, and you select the one that suits your needs.

Get embed photo URL

Some sites allow you to embed the whole code provided by expono.com, while other sites only let you enter the URL of the album at expono.com. Of course you can embed single photos too.

Happy shooting


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