Jan 28

Keeping track of our digital photos is presumably easy, at least if you talk to sales people for digital cameras, software, laptops (mac and windows), etc. However, when it comes down to it, all local storage has limits. Be it the newly acquired 1TB LaCie Hard drive, 16GB SD card, or your iMac.

Software available today, which lets you organize your photos has made an enormous impact on how we edit, store and show off our digital copies of life. Problems start arising when you are closing in on the limit of your internal hard drive on your PC/Mac. Do you know how your software handles that?

Of course huge external hard drives can store your photos at home, but accessing the photos from time to time in the case of a slideshow may prove to cause some inconvenient difficulties.

Surely you can’t bring all devices with you to family dinners and parties, so choosing what stays home and what comes along is always part of the preparation. As if making the kids, a dog, and spouse ready to leave doesn’t create enough stress by itself.

Well here is an idea:

“Upload all your photos to expono.com/”your username”, keep them organized in albums for easy viewing with a web browser.”

Expono.com has a great web based upload mechanism which lets you upload photos in the original size directly into an existing or new album, so you’ll always have a safe and organized copy of all your photos.

Expono.com takes care of additional items you may want to consider. It protects your photos from any hard drive crash, any (god forbid) fires in you home or office, and of course the obvious theft or loss of your laptop. You’ll have an organized back up of all your photos.

Expono.com also enables you to make access lists, so that you can easily create custom groups with access rights to photos and albums of your choice. Of course you can use our generic family, friends, and business groups. Or the extremes private (only you) or public (any one). The point is that you are in the driver seat when it comes to your photos.
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